CALL TO ACTION : Federal letter to protect legal cannabis

CORE members and fellow cannabis business owners,

As the Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments, we are writing you today with an urgent action item to protect our new regulated cannabis state marketplace following Attorney General Sessions’ rescinding of the Cole Memorandum.

Working in concert with cannabis business associations in other states, our newly created Western Regional Cannabis Business Association (WRCBA) is advocating on your behalf in Washington D.C. to protect our fellow business owners from any action by the Department of Justice.

Please email your district U.S. Representative and Senators immediately, asking them to include the following language in the FY19 Appropriations Bill to be considered this month:

The Department of Justice shall not expend federal funds that would prevent states from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of Cannabis.

We are sending in this request via a letter from the Western Regional Cannabis Business Association (attached) so that we are standing side-by-side with our industry colleagues, speaking with one voice and deploying a professional public affairs strategy in our shared effort to protect our respective state marketplaces.

Thank you for taking action NOW – Congress is already working on the relevant budget language and your federal delegation needs to hear from you immediately. We have put together the easy steps below (with links) to send in an email today.


To find your representative’s contact information use the following link and enter your zip code:

To find your Senators’ contact information, use the following link:

We strongly recommend including a personal business story in your email. For example:


Dear Senator Patty Murray,

Please review the enclosed letter from a group of State Cannabis Associations that is seeking your assistance to protect Washington State’s Cannabis businesses from Federal intervention. With the removal of the Cole Memorandum, my safe, legal, and regulated Cannabis operations are at substantial risk. Please support language in the FY19 Appropriations bill to prohibit the Federal government from taking law enforcement action against my business. Without such language, my business is at risk and my banking practices are impacted. The language must protect both recreational and medical cannabis. If it only applies to medical cannabis then Washington’s licensed professionals will not be protected, their customers will be at risk, and the strength of the entire industry will be considerably undermined.