Member Services

Government Relations. CORE has lobbyists working on cannabis policy at the State, local and regulatory level. CORE’s government relations team works closely with the State Legislature and the WSLCB to help craft policy, develop and interpret rules, and build lasting relationships between the State and cannabis retailers in Washington. 

  • CORE is present at every WSLCB Board Meeting. Members receive email updates after every meeting and will be updated throughout the rule-making process.
  • CORE members receive weekly updates during the Legislative Session and a complete end of session report.

CORE Staff. Members can contact CORE and we have staff available 24/7 to help answer questions you may have about rules and violations 24/7

Healthcare. CORE is in the process of creating an association healthcare plan. In the meantime we have healthcare professionals on staff that can help you find the best plan for your business.

Networking. CORE hosts events with local and state elected officials throughout WA State. CORE members have the opportunity to network with lawmakers and other business professionals.

Education. CORE hosts educational events where members can send their staff to learn about rule changes and responsible business practices.

Other member benefits include: 

  • Exclusive deals on ATMs
  • Exclusive deals on retailer analytics
  • Access to group message boards for members to discuss current events in the industry